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About Us

iDebate Honors: the Free Speech and Debate Honor Soceity recognizes debating achievements in all languages and formats.

Earn badges throughout the entirity of your debating career and for all your debating activities.

about us

Hello there

Welcome early birds, we don’t formally open until the 15th September, so you’re one of the first to learn about this exciting development in debating.

Idebate Honors will allow you to gain recognition for all your debating achievements, not just the events you win. It rewards success and simple participation and you’ll earn points for real world debate and public speaking as well as online debate and service (coaching, teaching, judging and contributing). The more you do and the better you do, the more badges you’ll earn.

The world of badges has come alight with Mozilla's creation of their Badge Backpack. The Badge Backpack allows you to collect all your badges in one place and display them on your profile, on your Facebook page, on your blog and on a printable certificate to show to potential employers. Esteemed institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and the Smithsonian, as well as new players such as the Khan Academy, are creating badges for their learners and we're doing the same for you.

Want to know how you compare to others? For the first time ever, iDebate Honors will list world rankings of debaters, as well as rankings by country, district, school, format, language and many other options besides. You can also use the system to find information on competitors, judges; even potential teammates. Imagine how useful that could be.

Idebate Honors will always be free to join and use, no matter what debate format you prefer or country you are in. We provide all our debate materials and services for free and have done so for over a decade.

Read on about the badges you can earnwhy you should registerhow it all works,  and who we are. Or register interest now by completing the simple form to your right.

And in recognition of your status as early adopters we’ll reward the first 2,000 people who register with a unique founder member’s badge.